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Dan "Two Bears" cultivated an integrity in business while working with his father learning his trade in trucking and mechanics.

He is a veteran of the Vietnam War who, as a career fire fighter, has served over 20 years in fire line mechanics and 10 years in structural, urban & wildland fire protection. He currently serves with the Pojaque Vol Fire Dept and the Forest Service.
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Judy has been with Two Bears for over 40 years and takes care of the business administrative responsibilities.

They have done missionary work planting new Christian churches while raising 5 children and 21 grand children.

Dan "Two Bears" and Judy own two businesses. Two Bears, LLC is an RV and Semi repair service in operation for over 30 years providing emergency roadside service, field repairs and welding. Two Bears International is an individual business empowered by Amway to market products and provide online retail business opportunities to others.

Dan & Judy are excited about the changes to their lifestyle and their ability to help others develop success in business. They continue looking forward to the future adventures it will provide them and others.

Two Bears is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
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