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Buy Amway B2B Solutions Multi Surface Cleaner for Walls, Counter Tops, Floors of Hotels, Restaurants & Green Houses jpg image
B2B Solutions Multi Surface Cleaner 2.5 Gallon
No-rinse liquid organic cleaner for use on any non-porous surface. Concentrated formula. Gentle on hands. Dilutes up to 1:128. Great for hotels, flower shops, and greenhouses. Removes soil from floors, walls, woodwork, and countertops. Mild degreaser and cleaner. More Info
Buy Amway B2B Solutions Heavy Duty Degreaser jpg image
B2B Solutions Heavy Duty Degreaser 2.5 Gallon
Multiuse degreaser is highly concentrated to remove heavy build-up of grease and oils on floors. Dilutes up to 1:20. Ideal for restaurant floors, printing plants, and gas stations. Removes ink, grease, and oil. Butyl-based. It is easily applied by means of spray, brush or rag. It is non-flammable and can be safely used without fear of combustion. More Info
Buy Amway SA8 Bioquest Commercial Laundry Detergent for Hotels, Motels & Restaurants jpg image
SA8®+Bioquest® Detergent 50 lbs.
Biological enzyme performance provides outstanding cleaning power and stain removal. Complete with built-in whiteners and brighteners. Phosphate-free. Certified Kosher. Formulated to be safe and effective for use in High Efficiency Washers. Superior dissolving action gets dirt out without leaving detergent residue behind. Safe to use with septic tanks. More Info
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